Book Reviews

TransportationNetworksOptimalLocation Levinson, David (2003) Review of Transportation Networks and the Optimal Location of Human Activities: A Numerical Geography Approach by Isabelle Thomas. In Economic Geography Vol. 79, No. 3, July 2003, p. 345-346.
MegaprojectsAndRisk Megaprojects Chen, Wenling and David Levinson (2004) Review of Megaprojects and Risk: An Anatomy of Ambition by Bent Flyvbjerg, Nils Bruzelius and Werner Rothengatter and Mega-projects: The Challenging Politics of Urban Public Investment by Alan Altshuler and David Luberoff .  Journal of Regional Science Vol. 44, No. 3, pp. 617–619.
UrbanRoadPricing AcceptabilityOfRoadPricing Iacono, Michael (2005) Review of Urban Road Pricing: Public and Political Acceptability by Martin Whittles and Acceptability of Transport Pricing Strategies edited by Jens Schade and Bernhard Schlag. In Journal Transport Geography, May 2005.
HighCostOfFreeParking Levinson, David (2005)  Review of The High Cost of Free Parking by Donald Shoup . In Journal of the American Planning Association Autumn 2005, Vol. 71, Iss. 4, pg 459, 1.
StreetsAndPatterns Xie, Feng and David Levinson (2006) Review of Streets and Patterns by Stephen Marshall. In Transport Reviews 26(2) pp. 253-255.
ZonedOut Levinson, David (2006) Review of Zoned Out: Regulation, Market, and Choice In Transportation and Metropolitan Land-Use by Jonathan Levine Growth and ChangeVolume 37 Issue 3 Page 492-494 – September 2006 [doi]
GTS_cover Xie, Feng and David Levinson (2007). Review of Jean-Paul Rodrigue, Claude Comtois and Brian Slack, The Geography of Transport Systems, Routledge, London (2006) Journal of Transport Geography Volume 15, Issue 1 , January 2007, Pages 75-76. [doi]
SmallVerhoef Levinson, David (2008) Review of The Economics of Urban Transportation by Ken Small and Erik Verhoef. In Journal of Transport Geography 16 (6), pg. 446-446 November 2008 [doi]

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